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Irwindale, Calif.  - - After an absence of three years, Irwindale’s NASCAR Super Stock Division is ready for a comeback.  The popular division will be back and taking to Irwindale’s fast, low-banked, inner third mile on Saturday night July 15.


The division rules will encourage new racers to get into stock car racing by being smart and reasonable.  Racing, while never cheap, can be set up not to go to extreme lengths (and prices) to produce good competition.  


The basic rules are that the car must be an American-made stock-appearing passenger car of 1970 – 1987 vintage and retain both a stock (metal) body and the original frame.  The car and driver will need to weigh a minimum of 3,200 pounds before the race (with 57% of that weight on the left side of the machine).  All window glass and outside trim pieces must be removed and the windshield replaced with one made of 1/8 inch thick Lexan polycarbonate material.  


A full 6-point roll cage of steel tubing that conforms to the design and dimensions in the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series rule book must be installed, and a professional (NASCAR-approved) aluminum racing seat must be used and securely mounted in the car.  An approved fuel cell is required and either a built-in fire system or fully-charged fire bottle must be installed. 


Engines will all be Chevrolet “Circle Track” 350 cid “Crate” 602 engines with a single 2-barrel Holley carburetor.  These engines are sealed at their point of origin and may only be worked on (internally) and resealed by one of the manufacturer’s authorized repair shops.


Race Director Mike Atkinson has indicated that the rules for this new/old racing division will end up being be something of a combination of the old and the new ideas with an eye toward pulling the best possible fields together for the Irwindale fans.


The inner third mile track at Irwindale is the same length as Saugus Speedway was and, like Saugus with its limited (almost flat) 4-degree banking, this third mile strongly favors handling and driving skill over sheer horsepower.  


“A driver has to be smart on the third mile here, the car needs to really be set up right because you can’t just overpower your way around,” Atkinson.  “Some of the very best drivers and crew chiefs in the business learned very early-on about car set up at Saugus … we expect to see the same happen here.”


Irwindale’s new Super Stock division will run 8-inch treaded tires all the way around.  They feature a relatively “hard” compound that has enhanced durability that chosen to control costs for competitors.  The harder compound also makes for tighter competition and a bit more work on the driver’s part to keep the car in line when accelerating out of corners.  (This pays off for the fans who really can tell who has the best car control, rather than who has the fattest check book for buying softer tires … they can’t do that in the new S/S Division.)


While the Super Stocks may be thought of as a (relatively) inexpensive division, there will be no “short cuts” taken on safety.  All applicable NASCAR chassis, roll cage structure, tire, and personal safety equipment rules will apply and SFI-approved “head and neck restraint devices” are very strongly suggested.


All of the above dry, technical stuff adds up to the fact that the Super Stocks are back, and with them high hopes for good fields of cars, and exciting racing at prices that will let people afford to compete and stay in racing long enough learn if they have what it takes for a pro career … or maybe just to keep having a great time racing at Irwindale twice a month … either way, Irwindale’s popular NASCAR Super Stock division is happening and drivers and fans alike are all looking forward to July 15. 


For more competitor information call:

Mike Atkinson at (626) 358-1100