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If you are a member of a car club or other organization interested in racing at the Irwindale Dragstrip, then we may have just the thing your looking for. Our Street Legal Drags program is designed to give the ordinary "off the street" hobby racer a place to race. Since most street racers are not members of clubs, we try to promote an organized, safe and friendly atmosphere that demonstrates the advantages of racing at an NHRA track. And that includes having a Special Feature at our events.

*No cash purses may be offered, Irwindale Event Center will provide trophies.

In order for us to run a program that includes a Special Feature, we have developed the following guidelines:

Any club or organization wishing to become the feature of one of our events must first select an available date from our calendar and submit a "Request for Special Feature Event Date" form to this office.

  • Only one date may be reserved. A second date may be requested but may be preempted by if another club request that date. We will not offer that second date to another club until all other dates have been reserved. Requests for a date must be made one month in advance. If another club does take the second date then your club will only be allowed to run a program as time allows. Note that we will limit our number of race entries based on the pace we can run the races. That means if you want to run a program on a second date your racers will be entered on a first-come basis and we may not be able to complete your program as planned.
  • Your club or organization must meet our approval. The mission of "Street Legal Drags" must be regarded as sacred and therefore we will only allow racers that suit the intent of the program, i.e. no real race cars, no professional level programs, no commercial entities, etc.
  • The type of program must be approved. Does your club plan to run an eliminator bracket? How many entries? Qualified or invitational? Match races only? Open to outside entries? Are you running a regional or national series? Will you have a Club -vs- Club race? Etc.
  • Special Features are limited to one category with 50 Race entries.
  • No cash purses may be offered, TOYOTA Drag Strip at Irwindale will provide trophies.
  • Your club is responsible for coordination of your program.
  • No commercial advertising or sponsorships.

Although a club may be "featured" on one of our race dates, the events are still run the same as they would be without a featured club. That means that the emphasis is placed on the "street legal" cause of offering the illegal street racer a place to race. While we allow clubs to be featured, we mainly cater to the ordinary amateur racer off the street.

Club newsletters may be used to promote a featured event but commercial advertising of such a feature is not allowed. All events must be described as an Irwindale Dragstrip event that "features" a club or organization.

Our regular competitor information sheet and 24-Hour Hotline will promote your club as a "Special Feature" for an event date. We can provide trophies for your club and hold eliminations for a category. A special area will be designated for clubs. No guarantees are made as to how many runs each car will make but we will try to accommodate your clubs' program. Cars entered in a club feature will not be allowed to run in any other category during the event.

Club members will be allowed as many cars as the designated area will hold for show or support vehicles but actual race entries must be limited to 50. Irwindale Dragstrip will provide a designated tech inspector to perform "house call" inspections in the designated area. Your club should provide a technical expert to assist our tech inspector.

If you have of a club or organization that may want to participate, call us for more details at (626) 358-1100. We would be happy to have your club featured at the Irwindale Event Center Street Legal Drags.


TOYOTA Drag Strip is the place to race!

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