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IIn our continued efforts to counter the dangers of illegal street racing, the management at Irwindale Event Center has formed an alliance with local law enforcement agencies, public officials and civic leaders. As a safe alternative to illegal street racing, offenders may be offered free entry to any NHRA Street Legal Drag Racing event at Irwindale Dragstrip.

No Excuses
As part of this effort, we strive to take away the excuse of "nowhere else to go" by issuing an offender a free entry pass to participate in a safe, organized and legal drag racing event. Law enforcement efforts now include a solution to the problem.
Each referral that is used for entry to a race is returned to the issuing agency to confirm the effectiveness of the program. Officers now know for sure that the offender is aware of the alternative. Any future offense is sure to have dire consequences.
Ambassadors on the Streets
Each offender that uses the referral will be asked to sign "the Pledge", promising to reject illegal street racing. These racers will gladly convert to ambassadors for the program once they have participated in an NHRA Street Legal Drags event.
referral image
pledge card image

We welcome your agency involvement and support of this program. To obtain a supply of the "Speeding Ticket" referrals, call Bob Klein, Director of Drag Racing Operations at (626) 358-8801 or send your request to the address above. Also, we welcome any law enforcement official to join us during our Street Legal events as our guests to see the program in action. Working together we can make a difference.

Irwindale Event Center Dragstrip is the place to race!


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