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THIS SATURDAY ONLY: WINGS OVER IRWINDALE! The Fastest and Most Exciting Competition Cars Ever to Compete at Irwindale are Back!

Irwindale, Calif. - November 15, 2107:    "Well ... How long can you hold your breath?"  that was the great Bobby Unser's answer to a journalist's question about how to lay down a fast lap at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
And the three-time 500 winner was right ... speed takes skill, set-up, and something of bit of stoicism.  When the King of the Wing cars first ran here a few years ago they not only shattered the track's fastest lap record by a country mile, but were so fast that Irwindale's state-of-the-art timing system had to be shut down and recalibrated before it could accurately time these FFV's (fast-flying vehicles) as they averaged an astonishing130 miles an hour around the track.
Huge high wings, super-powerful V-8 motors pulling 900 horsepower, ultra lightweight frames, titanium bolts, carbon fiber bodywork, the widest tires in circle track racing, and some determined drivers are all in the mix for a very fast night this Saturday at IEC!
...Very honestly like nothing else that ever races at the Speedway, these machines always require a few laps of running for the fans in the stands to get comfortable watching.  Coming across the Start/Finish going 145+ miles per hour, they really don't seem like they can make the first turn ... but they do, and then the driver has have the audacity to slam the pedal down to the floor* "standing on the gas" before they're even half way through the turn. 
Call it thrilling or scary (or both) ... That's how they run every lap.
Sheer speed is the thing that one notices first, but the closeness of the competition is what really astonishes, the King of the Wing drivers are truly among the best in the business, they run every lap at a pace that astonishes even seasoned racing fans.
Indy 500 veteran, multi-time driving champion, and now racing promoter Davey Hamilton recently told a reporter that, in qualifying trim, these machines can go flat out all the way around the famous banked Irwindale oval.

Two-time King of the Wing winner at Irwindale, Jojo Helberg established the all-time one-lap qualifying record putting down a 13.791-second lap in the KotW's November 2014 race.  That record still stands today.
The man's average speed around the half-mile low-banked oval was a mind-bending 130.520 miles per hour.  At first IEC timing officials were pretty sure that the Santa Rosa driver might have been holding his breath as Bobby Unser suggested on that (new track record) lap. That conclusion lasted only a few minutes when a number of other drivers clocked-in with times just a few tenths off of Helberg's!  On the other hand, maybe ALL of them were.  Might be a good idea to get out to the track by 5:45 for the On-Track Autograph Session and "interview" a couple of these drivers for yourself. 
This race will be the second-to-last stop on the 2017 King of the Wing national schedule which started way back in mid-July at Kalmazoo, Michigan.
Tickets for this event are now on sale and (here's some good news:) this unique event will have regular event ticket pricing. 
Adults are $15, kids are $5 and the under- set is in free.  Advance tickets for this once-a-year event are on sale by phone (626) 358-1100 and on the web (
All ADULT tickets ordered on-line will receive a $5.00 off discount on each ticket ordered before midnight on November seventeenth.
Also on the card for Saturday night is one of the crowd's favorites:  the Jan's Towing Super Stocks racing on the tight/fast inner third-mile oval.  This event is old-fashioned stock car racing at its very best ... this is where so many of the best of them on the big circuits today came from ... this kind of racing is the real deal.
BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!   Just for smiles and giggles … on the one night that the fastest race cars ever to turn laps at the track, Irwindale will throw in a wham-bam Figure 8 Race, appropriately sponsored by Seidner's Collision Centers (!).
*In Sprint Car racing the saying: "Stand on the Gas!" is a very literal term: these drivers sit very upright in the seat and the gas (actually, they burn methanol) pedal is operated in an up and down vertical motion with the driver's heel sitting on a riser.  Fans who want to see this feature (and the whole darn car) very close-up (and personal) should plan on getting out the Speedway to take part in the fun On-Track Autograph Session at 5:45pm.  Get an autograph, a selfie, or ask if you can sit in the driver's seat to see what that saying feels like for yourself ... Being right down on the racing surface with these awesome cars is always a great way to kick off a night at the races at Irwindale.