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Irwindale, Calif.   - - The second day of summer is going to be a great one for fans of live, local NASCAR competition.


This Saturday night, June 22 Irwindale Speedway will present a full card of action-packed stock car racing capped off a slam-bang Demolition Derby that always has the crowd cringing and the clean-up crew wincing.


Firing right off with the super-aggressive NASCAR Super Late Models and a super-tight battle that sees San Fernando's own Rip Michels (who's already won two of the eight races scheduled for this division this year) only 10 points ahead of Highland's Toni McCray 148 to 138. Coming into the night third in points, Joseph Altig from Imperial Beach has put together some good finishes (a third, a second, and a fourth) for his 112 points. Andre Prescott and Billy Mitchell (from La Quinta and Fullerton respectively) fill out the SLM top five with 110 and 104 points.


One of the most entertaining divisions racing this year at Irwindale has been the Progressive Painting Race Trucks ... a long title for a bunch of drivers that make short work of the Irwindale half-mile every time that they take to the tarmac.


There's another close one here after 25% of their season has slid under their Hoosiers. Redlands' own Darren Cheek has yet to win a race, but his consistency has landing him in first place in the PPRT's. A pair of deuces (second place finishes) sees DC standing tall on 96 points to Cherry Valley's Ken Brown's 90 points (one win and a sixth-place finish). Ken Michaelian (Lawndale), Lucas McNeil (Saugus), and Blake Dunkleberger (Simi Valley) will be here at Irwindale on Saturday night looking to add to their point totals which right now stand at: 80, 78, and 76 respectively.


The Mini-Stocks will be back at Irwindale on Saturday night for a back-to-back show with the two guys who (between them) have won all of the first three races of the seven-race season.   At precisely half-way in the 2013 points battle Ryan Bragdon from Beaumont leads with 148 points (two wins and a second) to Yucaipa's Robby Hornsby's 146 (two seconds and a win).   A few counters back, and in a tight pack, third, fourth, and fifth in points are Dennis Croasmun (Rancho Cucamonga), Tom Dye (Stanton), and Jeremy Perez (Chino) at 120, 118, and 114 points each.


The track does not actually keep points for the Pick Your Part Skid Plate Cars (maybe we should!). Nawww ... these strange, rearwheeless creatures are so squirrely that fights would break out in timing and scoring and people would be shouting stuff at each other that they'd later regret.   Nope, these little steel-plates-for-rear-wheels suckers are out there for all the fun and games that they can handle, and the fans not only "get it", they love the uncertain trajectories, the snap (uh ... what happened?) out of nowhere spins and the glorious shower of sparks that these cars (and they'll be well more than 20 of 'em racing this week at the IEC) are so proud of producing.


And finally we close the night with the event that asks the age-old question: "Why are you backing into my right side door at 35 miles and hour..." The answer, of course is: "... Because I was aiming for your radiator and you moved." Yes, the feared and fabled "DD" will hit the track (and shortly thereafter they'll be hitting each other). Look it up ... Demolition (aka "Destruction") Derby: 20 or 30 cars, a bunch of drivers who most of the time don't own the car they're driving, and who, even if they did, would be just a bent on running into (and disabling) the other driver's machine by whatever means that they had. The name of the game is to be the last car standing.


If all of the above is not a song that sings of a sensational summer's night at a great southern California speedway (conveniently located in Irwindale, California where the 210 and the 605 collide), then we don't rightly know what is.


Discount tickets are on line right now at:


The gates open at 5pm, the On-Track Autograph Party starts at 5:45pm and races fire off, on the dot at 7pm. And remember, at Irwindale Speedway, fans are guaranteed a great time or they'll get their money back ... honest!