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Open Comp. to replace Figure 8s


Pick Your Part Open Comp Races

to Replace Figure 8's

For Next Three Events at Irwindale Speedway


Irwindale, Calif. (June 30, 2013) - - Beginning with the July 20th NASCAR races at Irwindale Speedway a new Open Comp(etition) division will be taking to the track's tricky inner third-mile track replacing (at least temporarily) the Speedway's Figure 8 cars.


"Unfortunately we're just not getting the sort of Figure 8 fields that we really need to put on a good show for our fans," said Race Director Mike Atkinson.


Atkinson will replace the Figure 8 cars with a division that will allow any regular Irwindale half-mile division race car to compete with only minor adjustments (basically going to 8-inch Hooisers all around). The new division will be named the Pick Your Part Open Comp Cars.


... Everything from Super Stocks to Super Late Models and from any variety of Irwindale race truck to (Yup!) Figure 8 cars will all be welcome compete in this division.


Atkinson thinks that the relatively narrow tire that'll be required and the somewhat tighter and more technical third mile will make for a level playing field.


Irwindale's third mile oval is low-banked (only 4 degrees at its steepest) which puts a greater emphasis on handling, set-up, and car control as opposed to the raw power that the half-mile is always hungry for.


"We think that we're going to see some really good racing with this division," Atkinson added. "We've got a lot of drivers who want to run more races, we've got a racy third-mile, and we've got fans who want to see some good, old fashion Saturday night 'run whatcha brung' action here at Irwindale. I think we'll be delivering that with the Pick Your Part Open Comp Cars."


The number of laps for the races will vary with car count and fans should be ready for anything from a quick 20-lap "dash" to a 50-lap "enduro" for what should prove to be quite a "colorful" division.


The three races that are affected by this change are: July 20, August 31, and September 28. If there's resurgence in interest in Figure 8 races, the Figure 8 event scheduled for October 26's "Annual Night of Destruction" will go on as planned. If not, that race will be replaced by an Open Comp event as well.


All NASCAR and Irwindale half-mile driver safety equipment as well as vehicle equipment safety/tech rules will be in effect for the Pick Your Part Open Comp. Division. Complete rules will be available soon at the Speedway offices.