Tired of the usual candy and magazine fundraising? Irwindale Speedway has two opportunities for your organization to generate money in a fun way!

PUT SOME GREEN BACK INTO YOUR FUNDRAISING EFFORTS WITH Irwindale Speedway TICKETS!The Irwindale Speedway Green Flag Fundraising Program allows you to easily generate money for your organization with little effort, and of course, enjoy an exciting night of racing with your group.

Pick a regularly scheduled night of racing at Irwindale Speedway. We will provide you with order forms for each individual in your organization. The program is simple, purchase 100 or more group tickets at half price for one of our regular race nights and resell them at full value.

Example: Buy 100 tickets at $7.50 and re-sell them at $15.00 (full value is printed on the tickets), and your organization raises $750.00 quickly and easily. With the purchase of 1,000 tickets, you can raise $7,500!

Ticket Minimum:
100 $15 tickets for $7.50.

It is the responsibility of your organization to order and pay Irwindale Speedway for the number of tickets needed, collect the money, and deliver the tickets. Please have all ticket buyers make checks payable to your organization.

To get involved in the Fundraising Program, contact Irwindale Speedway by telephone at 626-358-1100, or stop by the Administration office Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 pm.