Irwindale Dragstrip Rules and Requirements

Irwindale Dragstrip

2024 Rules and Requirements 

Safety is the highest priority at Irwindale Dragstrip! Here are the basic rules of the dragstrip. For the latest detailed safety requirements, please refer to the 2024 NHRA Rulebook.

  • All drivers must purchase a tech card
  • Drivers must be 18 years of age with a valid driver’s license
  • All drivers must have a tech card on file for the days test event – it is not ok to have multiple drivers with only one tech card
  • It is ok for a driver to drive a different car provided that the car and driver have both been through tech and all additional safety and NHRA requirements have been met
  • Drivers caught switching wristbands, or driving a vehicle without a tech card on file will be suspended for 60 days
  • Only 3 crew members per vehicle are allowed on the starting line at a time. if you are not with a vehicle, you must obtain permission from a track official to enter the track
  • All crew members are required to sign a waiver and obtain a crew member wristband to gain access to the starting line
  • Spectators and crew without a wristband will not be allowed beyond the temporary fence at the top of the staging lanes. no exceptions


Safety is the highest priority at Irwindale Dragstrip. Irwindale Dragstrip has the right to refuse service at any time and will not hesitate to have participants removed from the property if it is determined that their actions have put themselves, guests, and/or employees into harms way. Any patron who chooses to not follow the law, will be immediately ejected from the property.

Pit Speed
  • Speed limit in the pits is 5 mph. reckless driving of any kind in the pit area will result in immediate ejection from the facility and/or suspension
  • Any participants on track (drivers, crew members, and media) that have already signed in and recieved their wristband may not purchase alcohol
  • Any participant suspected of being under the influence (alcohol, meds, cannabis, etc.) will not be permitted to participate in any driving activities
  • Please note: no outside alcohol permitted on the property
  • Alcohol purchased from track concessions may only be consumed in the designated spectator viewing areas and may not be taken into parking lot/pit area/staging lanes
  • All drivers and passengers must wear: long pants, shirt with sleeves and closed toe shoes (no nylon)
  • 8.59 and quicker: helmet (snell 2015) or newer, no passenger
  • 7.49 and quicker: helmet (snell 2015) or newer, roll bar, 5-point seat belt, no passenger, jacket meeting SFI spec 3.2a/1 mandatory
  • 6.39 and quicker: helmet (snell 2015) or newer, roll cage, 5-point seat belt, competition license, chassis certification, SFI 3.3a/5 (jacket and pants), neck collar, gloves
  • Aftermarket power adder (turbo, nitrous, supercharger, etc) requires multi-layer jacket meeting SFI spec 3.2a/5 mandatory
  • All vehicles are required to have a muffler
  • All vehicles must be compliant with safety standards from the 2024 NHRA rulebook

  • Media access is subject to track approval. Submit request via email to 24 hours prior to the event
  • If approved, must sign a waiver at tech/registration, provide a business card, and wear a brightly colored vest
  • At no time will anyone be allowed in front of the 60-foot mark while on the track or the return road
  • You must be behind the spectator fence to take photos beyond the 60-foot mark


Motorsports is a rules driven environment. The ability to understand and follow the direction of track officials is required for any participant.