Irwindale Dragstrip Summit Series and Junior Drags to Return on Sunday, August 2nd.

There will be no spectator admittance as this will be a CLOSED event. Competitor and crew admittance only.

Gates will open at 7:00am with on-track activity beginning at 9:30am.

Tech cards for Summit and Junior Drag Competitors will be $60 with crew admission $20 per person.

If interested in Test & Tune to take place during event, please contact

The Following Policies MUST BE ADHERED TO:

-Please do not post on social media to avoid attracting crowds of spectators

-Maintain federal, state and local social distancing guidelines (6 feet apart at all times, Etc.)

-All competitors must park in alternate pit stalls, leaving a minimum (1) pit stall empty space on each side

-Masks will be required to be worn by everyone who leaves their personal pit stall for any reason

-No groups of more than (4) people congregating in one area

-Access to the tower will be restricted to TRACK PERSONEL ONLY

Competitors please contact for more information on this event.