Irwindale Speedway Super Stock Rules Clarifications 9/3/20

Irwindale Speedway Super Stock Rules Adjustment

  1. Minimum weight 3300 lbs with driver.

B)All true super stock cars with OEM Steel roof with A-post,B-post  and rear quarter panel tops (lower half of quarter maybe replaced with sheet metal) You must also have portions of the stock floorboard ,portions of the stock rear frame rails and you must  have a steel firewall in the stock location the width of the dash bar. — Deduct 150#

  1. C) Cars with a complete (not cut off at bellhousing) Stock OEM Front


Clip Deduct — 50#. Upper A-arm mounts maybe moved.


  1. D) Cars using Stock Mount Shocks in stock location may Deduct –50#


  1. E) Cars using Non-Rebuildable Shocks Deduct — 25#


All Cars Maximum Left Side Weight – 55%

Body – The rear of the body must be completely enclosed from quarter panel to quarter panel (left to right) and extend down to meet the lower rear corner of the quarter panel on the side with no holes for air ventilation. The quarter panel can’t hang down below the rear bumper cover where it meets the tail/bumper behind the rear tires. The rear bumper cover must resemble a car body part.

Wheelbase must match the factory wheelbase of chassis being used. (IE If using a factory 75-81 Camaro frame it was built as a 108”car and it must stay as108” wheelbase car)

Any car with wheelbase less than 108” must add 50# and deduct 1% left side weight. (54%)

Sep. 3, 2020