Oval Track Rental Guidelines


Stock Car Oval Track Practice Schedule is:

  • 5:00pm-9:00pm
    • Thursday’s (except for drift events)
    • Friday’s – preceding a NASCAR Weekly Racing Series Event on Saturday


      • All racers/crew must sign-in with available personnel upon arrival and review guidelines for track rental. Track rental fee must be paid at this time.
        • $200 for 1/2 mile
        • $100 for 1/3 mile
      • Track rentals are (1) car on the track at a time.
      • On Thursday nights when the dragstrip is running and if/when Fire/Safety truck turns their emergency lights on, stop safely and immediately. When Fire/Safety returns to their location you may proceed back on the racing surface.
      • Be aware of your track rental hours and rates. For questions contact Mike Atkinson at 626.407.8661 or call the track office at 626-358-1100.
      • Track rentals must be paid prior to access to the oval track.
      • Driver is responsible for their crew and any deviation from the above listed policies may result in the immediate termination of my track rental and may be asked to leave Speedway property immediately and forfeit any rental fees paid.Downloadable Form: OVAL TRACK RENTAL GUIDELINES