SRL Irwindale News & Updates


  1. TEAM BBQ – Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse will host all the SRL teams to a BBQ after practice on Friday, please let us know how many will be with you team at the dinner. Please RSVP at (Must have a Pit Pass)




  1. Super Late Model: 3035 (L) / F50 (R) – Each SPEARS Southwest Tour Series team will be limited to a maximum two sets of (new) sticker tires for the weekend (Friday – Saturday). Teams are not allowed to bring new tires into the track (scuffs may be inspected), unless approved by Ricky Brooks.


  1. Pro Late Model and Modifieds: Teams are limited to one new set of Hoosier 970’s for the weekend (Friday – Saturday). Teams are not allowed to bring new tires into the track (scuffs may be inspected), unless approved by Ricky Brooks.


  1. FUEL – SUNOCO 110 is the spec fuel for the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series and Spears Manufacturing Modified Series.   SPEARS SRL Pro Late Model Series may use SUNOCO 110 or E85.  It’s the team’s responsibility to have their own supply fuel for the weekend.  Fuel will be sold by the track, but sufficient inventory is not guaranteed.


  1. PARKING – Every team will have a pre-assigned parking spot for the weekend. If you have a special request or you need to unhook from your trailer during the race weekend, please let us know – you will need a parking sticker to re-enter.


  1. PRE-TECH – All cars will undergo inspection by assigned appointments on Friday, maximum four crew members plus the driver with the car in tech inspection. Please stay back away from the car during inspection to allow officials room to conduct inspection.  This is a convenience for the teams, please be on time, or the system doesn’t work.


  1. SPOTTERS – Spotters must be utilized at all times your car is on track. The spotter must monitor race control with a scanner or stand-alone radio at 0125.  Spotter’s location will be on top of the Irwindale press box tower for the main events.



  1. MUFFLERS – A muffler must be used and installed in a configuration that will suppress exhaust noise to a maximum DBA set by the race entry. Sound levels will be checked – Irwindale Speedway is under strict LA County mandates.


  1. ON THE GROUND: Once pre-qualifying tech opens for your division on Saturday, your car must be on the ground ready to roll to tech – hood on, cars on the ground. The penalty will be the slowest of your two qualifying laps if your car is not on the ground on time.


  1. RACE PROCEDURES: The 2022 Race Procedures have been updated, please see attached.


  1. NO GOLF CARTS, SCOOTER, QUADS – No golf carts, quads, bicycles or any type of motorized scooter, etc allowed on the raceway grounds. THE INJURED OR HANDICAPPED MAY BE ALLOWED SINGLE PERSON SCOOTERS – MUST GET APPROVAL FROM RICKY BROOKS.


  1. NATIONALLY TELEVISED – The race will be livestreamed on SPEARSRacing.TV, live, and will be nationally televised at a later date on MAVTV. Team uniforms are not mandatory, but let’s do our best to represent our team and series in a professional manner.


  1. OWNER’S MEETING – An all SRL division owner’s meeting will be held at 10:10am on Saturday morning of race weekend at Irwindale Speedway.



“Thank you for competing with the SRL at Irwindale Speedway”