Test and Tune Official Rules

Irwindale Dragstrip Rules & Regulations are governed by the 2019 NHRA Rulebook

Mufflers: Required on all cars and motorcycles. NO EXCEPTIONS
Licenses: Required – Drivers are required to posses valid driver’s license.
Competitors under 18 years of age are required to have a Minor Release form completed prior to competing at Irwindale Event Center. The forms are valid for the complete 2012 year.
Attire: All racers and passengers are required to wear long pants, shoes and a shirt with sleeves. Racers competing with cars quicker than 8.59 (1/8 mile) are required to wear an approved helmet (See NHRA Rulebook). No passengers are allowed in vehicles faster than 8.59
Trailer Rules: Cars/motorcycles may be brought in by trailer, but must be removed from same prior to tech inspection.
Tech inspection cannot be performed on/in a trailer.
Wheel Studs: All cars must posses the required number of wheel studs and have a lug nut on each stud.
Convertible Cars: All convertible cars must have the top up to race the vehicle or provide the driver with the approved arm restraints.
Seat Belts: Seat belts must be worn at all times while in the water box or the Dragstrip.
Windows: Windows must be in the closed position in the water box and during the run.
Air Conditioners: Please turn off air conditioners prior to your arrival in the water box.
Pit Speed Limit: Speed limit in the pits is 5 MILES PER HOUR.
Overflow Catch Tank: All cars are required to have an overflow catch tank for the radiator.
Batteries: Batteries located in the stock position must be properly braced. Relocated batteries must be located in an approved battery box.
Neutral Safety Switch: All vehicles must posses an operational neutral safety switch
Motorcycles: Motorcycles must be equipped with a chain guard. Riders must wear a leather jacket, gloves and leather shoes that cover the ankles.
NO ALCOHOLIC beverages are permitted in the pits at any time.