Trailer Race Rules

Trailer Race Guidelines

Trailer Race Guidelines
Section #1
For all safety equipment It will be the sole responsibility of the driver, not Irwindale Speedway, their agents/officials or corporate officers to ensure that his/her safety equipment is correctly installed, maintained, and properly used.
1. All vehicles are required to have at a minimum a working OEM three-point seat belt system. (five point restraint system recommended)
2. All competitors must wear a current SFI approved Helmet and Fire Suit.
3. Current test date and charged (2 pound minimum) quick release fire extinguisher to be installed in the vehicle within drivers reach while strapped in.
4. SFI Approved Gloves and Shoes recommended.
5. Head and Neck Restraint system is recommended.
Section #2
Eligible Tow Vehicles.
1. Any mid-size, full size sedan, or station wagon.
2. Any SUV or Truck. Maximum gross weight ¾ ton
3. No compact cars allowed.
4. All vehicles required to have a stamped steel OEM type front bumper with a maximum thickness of .125”, bolted or welded to the frame horns. Bumper may not extent more than 3” past fenders and must have rounded corners.
5. Stamped Steel Bumper may be reinforced with .125”x 1” round or squire steel tubing welded or bolted behind bumper.
6. No heavy-duty push bumpers or fabricated off road bumpers allowed.
7. A radiator and fender protector bars may be added but may not extend forward of the front bumper or extend past the fender.
8. Only two vertical, and one horizontal radiator / fender protector bars allowed made of
9. .250” x 3” maximum round or squire steel tubing welded or bolted to frame horns and core support. NO EXTENTING OF FRAME HORNS ALLOWED.
10. Maximum height of radiator / fender protector bar is 36” measured from the ground.
11. All glass except for the OEM windshield must be removed.
12. In lieu of a windshield a maximum 1” opening 16-gauge wielded steel mesh is allowed and must be accompanied by eight 125”Thick x 1”Wide evenly spaced window straps welded or bolted in the window frame. Steel mesh must cover entire windshield area.
13. Spreader Bar behind driver seat extending from driver’s door to the passenger door is require. Minimum required: 2”x .125” round or squire steel tubing.
14. Drivers door bar welded or bolted to the inside of driver’s door below window opening required. Minimum required: 2”x .125” round or squire steel tubing.
15. Drivers and Passenger doors must be wielded, bolted or chained shut.
16. All Competitors must remove tow vehicles from Irwindale Speedway’s facility at the conclusion of the event.

Section #3
Eligible Trailers
1. Travel trailer, trailer with a boat or jet ski, single or dual axel.
3. Trailers must have wheels and tires at the start of the race.
4. All competing trailer and boats must have all glass, appliances, holding/gas tanks, generator, motors, cabinets, trash, and debris, removed before entering the Irwindale Speedway facility.
5. Trailer must be attached to the tow vehicle, and a minimum of 7’ of the trailer must be remaining to be eligible to win the race event.