UPDATE: Summit / JR Series Season Finale

Due to a severe oil down during the first round of eliminations on Sunday, August 7th, Irwindale Dragstrip officials and Racers initially came to the decision to Re-attempt the event on Sunday, August 28th, with double points and double payout.

After discussing the matter further with racers and the NHRA office, the following adjustments have been made to the points structure of the August 7th and 28th events.

-All Racers WHO COMPETED ON AUGUST 7TH (Round #6) will be awarded FIRST ROUND POINTS for that event.

-The August 28th Event (Round #7) will be run as a standard points event. (NO Double Points)

-There will still be a DOUBLE PAYOUT for this Sunday’s Round #7 Event.

IS&EC appreciates the feedback from all parties concerned and feel this is the best available solution to not only celebrate a great season finale with the NHRA.tv Challenge and JDRL Challenge, but also maintain the integrity of the season’s points championship.